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Hard to find products found here.

Hard to find products found here.

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BetterDogFood.COM!!!Good Dog, Spot!
Where we give you the dog...and then sell you the dog food!

Investor Relations

Here at BetterDogFood (.COM!!!), we value our investors. After all, we've derived almost all of our revenue from these brave souls! Naysayers in the press may not see the huge potential, but we know that you make the difference when it comes to actualizing the value proposition! How can you get involved? It's easy...

1: Our Offer To You!
Want to invest in BetterDogFood.COM? Send us a dog and we'll send you stock! Learn more about this compelling value proposition through the marvels of modern interactive Web technology! Use our state-of-the-art tools by CLICKING HERE!

2: S-1 In A Can
You've exchanged your surplus canine for shares of stock in our up-and-coming company. Now comes the big moment! Don't delay! Click on the dog food can on the left to devour our S-1. Look for us on the NASDAQ under the symbol WOOF! Amazon watch out, Yahoo move over, here comes the BetterDog! OPEN THE CAN!

3: Powerpoint Elevator Speech
Now you can join the elite ranks of corporate executives and venture capitalists! Have Spot fetch our corporate presentation for you, and be dazzled by persuasive buzzwords and bulleted lists... get the elevator speech right in the comfort of your own home! FETCH IT, SPOT!

Our Investing Partners

BetterDogFood (.COM!!) has attracted the attention of the best and the brightest of the investing community. Our seed rounds came from leading venture capital firms, well known angel investors who own lots of dogs, and some very smart money from a Fortune 500 corporate partner. We're too modest to name names, but trust us: this is big! Join the pack! Invest in the BetterDogFood way today!

Go, Spot, Go!Doghouse
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