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Hard to find products found here.

Hard to find products found here.

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BetterDogFood.COM!!!We give you this...
Where we give you the dog...and then sell you the dog food!

About Our Company

Welcome to BetterDogFood.COM, where we give you the Dog, and then sell you the dog food!

BetterDogFood.COM is revolutionizing the animal exchange industry by distintermediating the legacy business models for the sale of pet food on the industry. Our value proposition is simple: everybody likes dogs. And, those ...and we sell you this! people who don't like dogs probably like cats, so we bring to this emerging industry a sustainable competitive advantage that cuts across a series of vertical product niches.

Like Amazon.Com, we start with the dog, but we have built a general purpose B2B/C2D solution for the procurement and exchange of live organisms with a significant upsell annuity in multiple food product categories!

While our technology truly has unlimited potential, we we feel strongly that such organism exchange should not include human beings or dolphins. This is our committment to you: slavery is not just a bad idea, it's against the law.

The Management Team:

petchick Rebecca Hargrave ( is well known for her innovative designs and her love of the animal kingdom. She brings to her role as President and Chief Creative Officer of BetterDogFood an innate understanding of user interface issues that allows pets to better use the Internet. In a past life, Rebecca designed and digitized Today's Breeder Magazine.

dogmaster Carl Malamud is the Chairman/CEO/Founder of BetterDogFood.COM. Malamud began his career at The Telephone Company where he worked under the tutelage of the legendary Arlington Hewes. Malamud is a frequent international speaker in places such as Kazakhstan. His dog's name is Bob.

dogmaster Spot is the cuddly, lovable mascot of BetterDogFood.COM. When he's not indulging in his passion for chasing cars, he is working like a dog on his personal web page at Epinions. As a result, he's managed to teach himself to sit, stay, fetch, play dead, code HTML and optimize graphics. Fortunately, we are able to use this unique combination of skills to sustain our competitive advantage.

Go, Spot, Go!Doghouse
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